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Hi, I'm new here. I had a hair transplant yesterday and got a shaven FUE transplant.


I think I was a Norwood 2-3 (you guys might be able to inform me). I'm 22 and have been receding for the last 4 years. My confidence started declining hence why I had a transplant. I've been on propecia, regaine and nizoral for about 2.5 months and have been shedding like mad, my doctor said this is a good thing though. Due to the transplant I've been off all the treatments now for the past week and cannot use them again for the next 10 days. The next 4 days of the procedure are a hassle and I wouldnt recommend going to work during this time. This is because you have to spray salin solution on the transplanted hairs every 30 minutes. Because I only need to do for four days I am going to spray my hair as much as I can at night as well. My surgeon said that keeping your transplanted hair soaked is the most important part. The White bits you see on the newly transplanted hairs are bits of tissue and this absorbs the fluid keeping the roots clean. You also need to take medication supplied for the next few weeks.



The procedure lasted about 7 hours, 5and half if you skip lunch and the interruptions throughout the day. The morning is the extraction and the afternoon is the implantation of the hairs. The injections weren't that bad. I'd say the two which went in my forehead before lunch were the most painful. But the extraction and in implantations didn't hurt. After the procedure i received all the instructions on treating the areas at home. The first day after the procedure my head was soar and a bit bloody. I'm now on day three and in two more days I can gently start washing my hair to remove the scabs. Any questions I'm happy to answer.



There is a big difference in 1 day post op to a week post op. Maybe it doesn't show in the pictures but people who have had a procedure can tell you that once those scabs have been removed how different you look. I will post every few months because it's also a way I can compare my progress.


Here are some updates, this is my head at its worse. I have lost most of my transplanted hair on the left temple. Fortunately my right temple hasn't lost as much hair so I am able to brush my hair to the side to cover the thin areas. To date there are no signs of regrowth, I am approaching 5 months now on on the treatment so hopefully I will start to see some results from the big 3.



These pictures do give of an impression that my hair looks better then it actually is.


Here is my 7 month update my hair is starting to look decent. I've recently stopped shedding after two months as well which I'm relieved about. I've purposely taken them under the worst possible lighting which tends to highlight the bald areas. Any questions please ask.



Theres definite improvement to my hair that's for sure, I'm comparing my hair to my last update. Some new hair has actually grown in (probably from the big 3 if I'm honest), I've tried to take a picture from the worst side as seen on page 2